Aurora YooHoo & Friends Chewoo Squirrel

The Aurora Yoohoo & Friends Chewoo Squirrel is just one of the popular and collectible plush characters that are based on real animals and their natural habitats from all around the world.
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The Aurora Yoohoo and Friends Chewoo Squirrel is a lovely and soft plush toy of a red squirrel. Red squirrels used to be common but in recent year their numbers have been dwindling. The YooHoo and Friends collection is designed to teach children about endangered and extinct animals and fire their interest in conservation. Learn more about featured animals by visiting the YooHoo portal online.


  • From the YooHoo and Friends collection
  • YooHoo portal
  • Super soft plush
  • Cute big eyes
  • Teaches about animal conservation

Age suitability: 3 years and up

Size: 15cm x 10cm x 9cm

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