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Baby Dan
We all know the situation, the baby is in the pram and the toddler doesn't want to walk. Perhaps you just want to keep the little rascal where you can see her, right there in front of you. The BabyDan Pram Seat is a great child accessory. It can be used to seat an older child whilst walking with your pram. This is a novel yet pratical child safety product.
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The BabyDan Pramseat is perfect when you go on a walk with your baby and want to take an older child along as well. The seat is easy to install. Simply put the seat on top of the pram and pull the spring loaded hooks over the sides of the pram. For safety the child should be sitting in the middle of the pram. Always use the safety belt when the seat is being used.

Product features

  • Fit most prams
  • Sturdy and safe
  • Nylon belt and plastic buckle
  • Easily to put on and off
  • Talk to your older child whilst pushing the pram

Maximum weight: 15kg

Size : Fits most prams less than 44cm wide

Note: Do not use with twin-in-one or Combi prams

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