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Our range of baby baths and infant positioners allow you to bathe your baby with confidence. Whether you're looking for a tub with a removable sling that grows with your new born, a seat for a toddler or a bath that tells you when the water is too hot: you'll find it here.

Whether you're looking for an infant positioner for your tiny new born, a seat for a baby who's learned to sit or a bath to contain a toddler who's not quite big enough to roam the whole tub yet: you'll find it here. We offer a versatile range of bathing equipment from leading brands, so that you can wash your little one safe in the knowledge that they're totally secure and fully supported.


Munchkin's clever White Hot bath not only indicates when the water is the correct temperature, but it deflates for easy storage. Safety 1st's popular Swivel Bath Seat stops your child from toppling over and keeps them entertained at the same time. Summer Infant's positioners gently cradle tiny new borns, supporting their little bodies so you have your hands free to get on with the job at hand. And if you're looking for longevity, Skip Hop's famous Moby bath tub has a multi-position, removable sling to give you more bath for your buck.