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Toilet Training

Toilet Training

Toilet & Potty Training

We have all the potties, toilet seats and step stools you’ll ever need - we even have travel potties for when you are out and about. Not sure your child is ready yet? Click here for a useful guide and top tips for surviving this stage.

So, you’re ready to take the next step? Walking was easy. Crawling? Pah, no problem. Your baby has breezed through their milestones and is now ready to face the next challenge: Toilet training. This is where the fun begins.


Fortunately, our potty training range has got you covered. Your toddler will love Safety 1st’s interactive Smart Rewards Potty, which gives stickers when they make it to the potty in time. Alternatively, they may like the Summer Infant My Size Potty - which looks and sounds like an adult toilet! You will appreciate Munchkin’s Odour Eliminating potty, which takes even the worst smells away. If you’re looking for something more traditional, Solution’s Steady Potty is – quite literally – the solution for you.


Strata’s toilet seat has got you covered on expeditions out of the house, while our seat covers will keep your little one’s bottom clean in public places. Once they’re ready to wash their hands, pick one of our many step stools to lift your little one safely up to the taps.