Casdon Self-Service Supermarket Till

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The Casdon Self-Service Supermarket Till has been designed to replicate todays self-contained, self service checkouts.
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The Casdon Self-Service Supermarket Till has all the features of a self-service supermarket checkout. There is a imitation touch screen, scanner and a chip and pin machine to check out play purchases. The till is stocked with lots of branded play food to buy from top brands such as Hovis, Andrex, Tetley and Mr. Kiplings. Essential for any play supermarket.


  • Realistic scanning sounds
  • Chip and pin machine
  • Shopping basket
  • Branded play food
  • Imitation touch screen display

Age suitability: 3 years and up

Packaging size: 51cm x 54cm x 24cm

Product size: 75cm high

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