Janod specialises in traditional toys and games made from wood and cardboard. The French company was founded in 1970 where they started focused on wooden toys such as spinning tops, yo-yos and skittles. Since then, creations such as their mythical rocking horse Caramel, the confetti music collection and their range of Cardboard puzzles have been keeping children happy and entertained.

Janod Favourites
Janod Puzzles - Made in wood and cardboard, Janod has puzzles suitable for all children. Their 6-piece range comes with wooden pegs and is made from solid wood. Themes include the circus, happy racing, happy forest, happy farm, happy fairies, and the fruit tree. Larger piece puzzles are available to help learn the alphabet and learn to count.

Janod Rocket - The 2 in 1 magnetic rocket allows children not only to build with 5 colourful pieces but then to play with it making hours of fun.

Janod Activity Tables - Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, their activity range helps children develop concentration and motor movement. The Forest Activity Table has four different areas including stackable animals and an abacus. The multi-loop cube has 8 activities including a 3-wheel gear, a mirror and a caterpillar with rings.

The sweet cocoon range is in beautiful delicate colours and rounded shapes. Offering everything from stacking stones, rainbow turtle, shapes and colours dog to a butterfly shape sorter, dominoes.

Other products include various pull-a-longs from snails, Sophie la girafe, zigolos rabbit to the zigolos fox. Pirate sets, money boxes, shape sorters and tea sets.