Dummies & Teethers

Soothing your baby through those grizzly moments in their early months and then teething as they grow older doesn’t need to be a struggle. With one of our dummies or baby teethers to hand, you can ease your child’s discomfort and stress in seconds. With a wide range of teethers and soothers in stock, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your child in no time.

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When a baby is stressed or in pain because of teething, their natural instinct is to suckle to soothe their sore gums. Our extensive range of soft teethers will help to reduce their pain instantly – and for extra relief you could try one of our cool teethers. These are kept in the fridge or freezer until your baby needs them, and the chilled material will help to calm them down in seconds.

It isn’t just teething that our great value soothers can help with though. The right kind of teether toys can help your baby to develop those all important motor skills. Dummy chains with plenty of things to twist and grab hold of will give your baby something to play with while they suckle, which is sure to further distract from any teething pain. Squeezable teethers, drool teether keyrings and teether rattles allow them to get their hands involved too, improving their grip and hand-eye coordination.

Keeping your baby’s soothers clean is essential – especially when they end up on the floor or in a pair of little grubby hands so often! A soother steriliser will take all of the hard work out of cleaning your little one’s teethers thoroughly, and will give you complete peace of mind. Be sure to snap up plenty of soothers so that you can have them in rotation while your baby needs them. Otherwise you will have to wait for one to be clean – and you know babies don’t like to be kept waiting!

Many parents find that soothers help their baby to relax and wind down, making them a vital part of their bedtime routine too. So why not pick up a few for your precious tot? With plenty of teethers from the best baby brands in the world, you can shop with confidence here at Hello Baby Direct.