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Moving on from milk is never easy, but with our versatile range of cups your little one will learn to drink without a teat in no time. Sippy cups, sports bottles and non-spill miracles: we have a whole host of options for when you step away from the bottle and transition to the trainer cup.

Move away from the bottle or breast without fuss and spills with our range of baby beakers and children's cups.


Whether your little one is just learning to drink without a teat or already a pro, we have a selection of options to suit everyone's needs. Many of our cups are multi-function and grow with your child to make the transition to grown up drinking as smooth as possible. We have spout cups with easy-hold handles, sippy cups with stable, non-slip bases and beakers with leak-proof valves to prevent the inevitable spills, knocks and drops. Supple silicone spouts will protect their pearly whites, while durable plastic will withstand even the toughest of toddlers. And, if that's not enough, the incredible litecup doubles as a nightlight for hassle-free bedtime sipping, leaving your tot no excuse to venture out of their bedroom for a drink!