Weaning your baby and moving them on to solid foods is a really exciting time. That doesn’t mean that it’s without it’s challenges though! Thankfully, Hello Baby Direct have everything you need to get weaning off to the best possible start. With snap bibs, safety spoons, food cube trays, baby twin hand cups and much more available, you can look forward to a smooth transition.

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Cooking food for your baby to try is a great excuse to get creative in the kitchen. So why not treat yourself to some new cookware to whip up some culinary delights? Our Babycook food blenders are great for whizzing up fruit and veg into nutritious purees and mashes. It’s a good idea to batch prepare your baby’s food, so that you can simply defrost a serving each time you need one rather than cooking a meal from scratch.

Of course, you’ll need to store your baby’s food safely. When you’re done cooking, divide the food up between conservation jars or weaning pots, and then you’re all set for a fun mealtime. Want to prep for meals far in advance? That’s where our freezer friendly baby food storage comes in. Ice lolly moulds and baby food freezer trays will allow you to portion your baby’s meals up, pop them in the freezer and then relax!

Your baby can’t just sit down at the table and use the cutlery that you do. To make the transition from bottle to plated food easier for them, be sure to invest in one of our weaning kits. A first baby table set like this will have everything you and your baby need to get to grips with grown-up mealtimes. A food masher and bowl, cup trainer and baby cutlery are also invaluable – as well as bibs and catch plates for any mess!

Here at Hello Baby Direct, we want to make life easy to parents. That’s why we stock weaning products from some of the most trusted global brands all in one place, so that you can shop with absolute confidence and convenience. We also work hard to bring these products to you at the best possible price – so weaning your little one won’t break the bank either!