Meet the Team


connects the wires and makes sure everything works. If something isn't working to Hello Baby's high standards you can be sure he's already trying his hardest to fix it! Ash hates hot drinks but he likes iced tea. When he was a child he was a little terror according to his mum, but we can assure you he has settled down now.


keeps the boys under control! She is also in charge of our growing range of lovely baby things. If there is anything you think should be added to the collection, make sure to let Becca know! Becca loves watching Disney movies while wearing one of her 50 football shirts. As a child Becca says she was just delightful - we don’t believe her!


is from Hungary and makes sure that our website is up and running at all times. He thinks that he's incredibly handsome so we politely agree so as not to hurt his feelings. His favourite toy from when he was young was a rubber lion.


is the king of the warehouse and makes sure that you get what you have ordered. You’ve not received your delivery yet? Blame Matt! He used to have a Ghost Busters backpack and he took it everywhere. He probably still has it somewhere!


is the head of the Hello Baby Team. Crazy but genius ideas are his thing! When Trevor is not in the office trying to make sure everybody is happy, you can find him rock climbing or mountain biking. Trevor is a ‘proper’ twin and, according to his mum, was a very happy child. He still cracks us up all the time!