BeSafe Car Seats

Norwegian company BeSafe, founded in Krøderen, is a leading company when it comes to the development and manufacturing of high quality car seats. They have made Group 0+ car seats with safety, design and user-friendliness in mind. Suitable for babies from 0-13 kg or from around 0-12 months. They can also be installed in strollers. 

Car Seat Favourites 

The BeSafe IZi Twist B I-Size is a great option for combining newborn and toddler needs. It features the unique BeSafe Baby Shell and Newborn Hugger. The side-to-side rotation allows you to easily take your child in and out of the seat by rotating it towards you. The BeSafe Baby Shell is a one-of-a-kind insert creating an ideal sitting angle custom-made for babies. 

The BeSafe IZi Kid X3 I-Size allows for early age usage with adjustment allowance as your child grows. It is a purely rear-facing car seat that has passed some of the toughest safety tests on the market. The adjustable ISOfix arms provide more legroom for a growing child, whilst allowing parents to decide how much space the seat should take up in the car. 

The BeSafe IZi Combi X4 ISOfix is a great solution that allows for a growing child. The neck support and harness can be moved in one simple action to give 8 different height positions. Once a child is past four, the seat can also be installed forward facing.

Car Seat Safety

BeSafe is known for producing their first rear-facing car seat in 1989 and telling the world that children should face backwards in the car for as long as possible. Today it’s a known fact that rear-facing travel is five times safer for children than forward-facing travel.

The BeSafe iZi Twist and the iZi Twist B i-Size achieved the highest safety rating ‘Very Good’ in the independent ADAC/Stiftung Warentest car seat test in Spring 2020. With BeSafe car seats you can be assured the safety of your child has been put first.

Safety is in the BeSafe DNA, and so is comfort. BeSafe believe every child should be comfortable in their car seat, no matter if it’s a long or short journey. 

They have car seats that twist 360° and allow easy access to your child when getting them in and out of the car.  With seats which adjust to allow more room for your child, BeSafe have thought of everything. 

BeSafe have developed the 3D Mesh to allow for air permeability within their car seat fabric. Thanks to BeSafe’s 3D Mesh, summer adventures are more comfortable than ever.

With BeSafe car seats, know that safety and design are considered at every step, allowing you to get moving with confidence. Be sure to check out our selection of BeSafe products to find what you need to make life easier for you and your little one. We also stock a variety of car seat accessories and adapters.

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