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The Halilit musical range offers high quality, accurately tuned musical instruments for young children from just 3 months of age. These brightly coloured items are robust and hard wearing, whilst the range includes pick-up baby & toddler items, classic instruments such as drums and xylophones, plus delightful gift sets.

  1. Halilit Baby Band Set
    Halilit Baby Band Set
    Special Price £15.94 Regular Price £16.99
  2. Halilit Baby's Music Carnival
    Halilit Baby's Music Carnival
    Special Price £15.23 Regular Price £16.49
  3. Halilit Boxed Tambourine
    Halilit Boxed Tambourine
    Special Price £10.27 Regular Price £11.09
  4. Halilit Xylophone
    Halilit Xylophone