The Hauck company has been looking after the well-being of entire generations of babies since 1921. They are there for your child, at your side, from the day of birth through to kindergarten age. They share your delight in watching your baby grow. The safety and well-being of your child is their highest priority. This is why they have developed a diverse, broad-based program made up of several product lines, enabling them to meet every need spot on.

  1. Hauck Carry Me Bag
    Hauck Carry Me Bag
  2. Hauck Cloud Me
    Hauck Cloud Me
    Special Price £7.94 Regular Price £8.49
  3. Hauck Cloud Me 2
    Hauck Cloud Me 2
    Special Price £6.94 Regular Price £7.49
  4. Hauck Handle Me
    Hauck Handle Me
    Out of stock
  5. Hauck Hook Me
    Hauck Hook Me
  6. Hauck Pack Me
    Hauck Pack Me
  7. Hauck Sit On Me
    Hauck Sit On Me
    Special Price £13.87 Regular Price £13.99
  8. Hauck Sleeper Mattress - Green/Hippo
    Hauck Sleeper Mattress - Green/Hippo
    Special Price £28.87 Regular Price £29.99
    Out of stock

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