Like many excited expectant parents, Carl and Sandra Burton had their new nursery already prepared for their anticipated due-date. As they practised making up the cot that evening they discovered that in order to place their newborn at the foot of the bed they would have to tuck most of their new bedding underneath the mattress and the mattress would become uneven. They spent much of the evening trying to come up with some alternative. Combining their initial idea with Sandra’s engineering background and Carl’s design skills, they set about developing a product that would keep their baby in the correct "feet-to-foot" position, whilst avoiding 'bunching' the bedding under the mattress of the cot/cot-bed. Thus the Saferbaby "Sleeper" was born. And it fitted the bill perfectly.

  1. SafaBaby Feet to Foot Baby Sleeper
    SafaBaby Feet to Foot Baby Sleeper
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