BabyDan ELIN Safety Gate Beechwood

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The BabyDan ELIN Safety Gate Beechwood is a reliable choice for securing staircases or doorways and ensuring your child's safety. As a wall-mounted safety gate, it requires screwing into the wall or door frame. However, once installed, it offers easy removal and reinstallation without the need for tools. Its flexible design accommodates various openings, and the wall fittings can be adjusted to fit inside or outside the door frame. With a one-handed operation feature, adults can open the gate effortlessly while carrying their child through.

Product Features:

  • Opens both ways
  • Wall mounted safety gate
  • FSC® Certified Safety Gate (FSC-C130052)
  • Unique child-proof release fitting allow quick installation and removal
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Fits openings 69-106.5cm

Dimensions: H: 69cm x W: 106.5cm x D: 5cm

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