Whether you’re looking to childproof your home with baby gates, furniture straps and cupboard locks, or keep your toddler within reach with our selection of reins, our range of child safety products will keep your child out of harm’s way.

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Child Safety Products are big sellers and not without reason - keeping your child safe in the home is a matter for all parents and we offer a full range of child safety items to cover all eventualities covering the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and beyond. With thermometers from Brother Max, Summer Infant and Tommee Tippee, your poorly baby will be full of beans again in no time Whether they’re desperate to touch the oven or trying to get into the cupboard under the sink, we have all the locks and clips from companies such as Clippsafe, BabyDan and Safety 1st, to prevent little fingers from touching things they’re not supposed to. We even have toilet locks so that teddy won’t have to learn to swim.

Corner cushions and edge guards from Prince Lionheart will prevent bumped heads while furniture straps will stop accidents on expeditions to Narnia. Our huge range of Lindam stair gates will keep out-of-bounds rooms secure, and if that’s not enough, we even have a selection of versatile play pens that can transform into fire guards. When travelling check out the Koo-di Travel PlayPen to keep your baby safe in strange environments. Keep an eye on your child with our clever Vtech video monitors, a god send for parents looking to avoid hovering at nursery doors for sounds of trouble. It doesn’t end there. If you’re venturing out of the safety of your home, we offer toddler reins and wrist straps to prevent great escapes, as well as sturdy ear defenders to protect little ears from hearing damage.