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Keep your car nice and tidy with these useful car accessories from Clippsafe.

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  1. Clippasafe Car Seat Protector

    Clippasafe Car Seat Protector


    The Clippasafe Car Seat Protector is great to protect your car seat upholstery from dropped food and muddy shoes. Learn More
  2. Clippasafe Advanced Bump Belt

    Clippasafe Advanced Bump Belt


    If a pregnant mother is involved in a car crash, there's a 40 to 50 per cent chance of having a miscarriage if she suffers from serious injuries. Even if the crash or injuries are minor, there's still up to a five per cent risk, which is why Clippasafe have developed the advanced Bump Belt to help protect unborn babies and mothers-to-be whilst travelling by car. Learn More
  3. Clippasafe Waterproof Seat Protector

    Clippasafe Waterproof Seat Protector


    The Clippasafe Waterproof Seat Protector is great to protect your strollers and car seats from nappy leaks and potty training accidents. Learn More
  4. Clippasafe Child View Mirror

    Clippasafe Child View Mirror


    The Child View Mirror from Clippasafe provides a clear reflection of the back seat, allowing you to check on your youngster and know exactly what they are up to. It is easily attached to the windscreen using a suction cup, meaning you are able to keep your full attention on the road ahead. Learn More

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