Venicci Prams

Venicci prams use luxury materials, fine details and elegant colour combinations to create a best in class product. They are one of the leading suppliers of quality designed, award winning prams and pushchairs in the UK. They are available in a variety of models and bundle sizes making transporting your little one that little bit easier. The 2in1 travel system includes a pram carrycot and pushchair seat with the addition of a car seat and accessories in the 3in1 travel systems.

Venicci Quality

To ensure the safety of your little one all Venicci prams feature a 5 point harness. This prevents any risk of the child falling out of the seat unit. Every single detail - buckle, type of plastic, attachments - is diligently designed and thoroughly tested.

They are committed to offering outstanding value for money whilst still ensuring their products are made to the highest standard. They supervise each stage of production, from sewing, through to overprints and transport making sure only the best quality products leave their doors.

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