Angelcare Soft Touch Mini Baby Bath Support

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The Angelcare Mini Baby Bath Support is designed to provide babies with a comfortable and secure bathing experience. Ergonomically crafted, it securely holds babies, allowing parents to have hands-free bathing. The soft-touch material quickly adjusts to temperature, ensuring babies can relax or play comfortably. It’s easy to use; simply place it directly in your bath, and your baby will be cradled by the ergonomic shape while you wash and interact with them. For added safety, the bath support features a level indicator to ensure the correct water level, along with suction cups for stability. The mesh material allows water to drain easily and dries quickly. Made from durable lightweight plastic, it can be used in a baby bathtub or directly in the bathtub or sink.

Product Features:

  • Unique ergonomic design - The soft touch material is quickly warmed by the water keeping baby calm & comfy.
  • Simple to use - Fuss free, secure bathing, used directly in your bath it cradles baby to leave your hands free to wash & play.
  • Safe - Handy water level indicator helps to ensure the optimal level of water in your bath, and suction cups are for added safety & reassurance.
  • Hygienic & mould resistant - The mesh material allows water to drain easily and air dry quickly.
  • Durable & lightweight -  Made with durable lightweight plastic, its simple to clean and store. Plus, it is practical to take wherever you go.
  • Multi-functional - Can be used in a baby bathtub or directly in the bathtub/sink.
  • Available in three different colours, blue, pink or grey

Recommended Age: Suitable from birth up to 6 months, Maximum weight 9kg / 20lbs.

* Never leave your child unattended while bathing.

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