BabyDan OLAF X Wide Safety Gate

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The extra flexible BabyDan OLAF X Wide Safety Gate is a reliable choice to keep your child safe around staircases, doorways, or specific areas in your home. As a wall-mounted safety gate, it's securely fastened to the wall or doorway with screws, ensuring stability. You can extend the gate indefinitely by adding small and large sections separately, making it suitable for wide or irregular spaces, doorways, or as a room divider. Its one-handed operation allows for easy opening from both sides.

For safety when using the gate as a fire surround, ensure it is placed at least 75 cm (29.6 inches) away from any source of heat or fire and a minimum of 90 cm (35.5 inches) from an open fire.

Product Features:

  • Wall-mounted safety gate
  • Can be extended indefinitely with large and small sections. Purchased separately
  • Opens both ways
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Fits minimum door opening 90cm, maximum door opening 223cm
  • Available in black or white

Dimensions: H: 70.5cm x W: 223cm x D: 3.5cm

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