Breathable Baby 3-In-1 Swaddle Pink Star/Pink Stripe X2

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The innovative Breathable Baby 3-in-1 Swaddle Trio is designed to cater to the unique sleeping preferences of each baby. This versatile swaddle set is crafted to promote better and longer sleep for babies, offering parents a single, safer solution during their baby's early months. With this swaddle trio, parents can easily experiment and find what works best to ensure a peaceful and restful sleep for their little one.

Product Features:

  • Swaddling made simple: 3-way fitted swaddle with adjustable soft fabric wings, fasten securely with hook and loop to create a perfect fit for newborns 0-4 months.
  • Adjusts to baby’s preferred sleep style and grows with them allowing arms-up, arms-down or arms-out at side, provides an alternative to loose blankets for safer sleep
  • Arms out position provides a longer “safe sleep” solution for infants showing signs of rolling over to reposition and push up on mattress, compared to 2-way adjustable swaddles.
  • Hip healthy: extra-wide hip-healthy leg area helps ease hip dysplasia concerns. innovative bottom opening enables silent diaper changes and prevents baby from overheating.
  • Premium cotton mix: 93% cotton, 7% spandex provides womb-like stretch and compression so baby feels snug and secure while calming the startle reflex. no flame retardants or harmful chemicals.

Recommended Age: 0-4m

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