Lansinoh Extra Absorbent Maternity Pads: 0-2 weeks post-birth 10 Pack

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Lansinoh's Extra-Absorbent Maternity Pads are tailor-made for Lochia, the post-birth bleeding that demands a higher level of protection compared to standard sanitary or bladder control pads.

Crafted from soft, breathable, and dermatologically tested materials, our heavy-duty Maternity Pads ensure maximum absorption without compromising on comfort. They provide you with the comfort, discretion, and protection necessary immediately after childbirth to manage postpartum bleeding effectively.

Product Features:

  • Anatomically shaped, longer and wider at the back 
  • Leak guard protection from the heaviest bleeding 
  • Adhesive back and wings to keep in place securely 
  • Soft and breathable, designed for tender, postpartum skin 
  • Fragrance free and naturally contoured for a comfortable fit post childbirth 
  • Individually wrapped for hygiene

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