Little Big Friends Musical Animal

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The Little Big Friends Musical Animal is not just visually appealing but also boasts a soft texture and pleasant rounded forms, making it delightful to handle and engage with. Each animal in the collection plays a different melody, making them both functional and delightful. Crafted from soft, hypoallergenic material, the musical animals are not only charming but also easy to clean, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for your little one. Collect them all to enjoy a variety of beautiful melodies!

Product Features:

  • Soft material and smooth texture make them enjoyable for babies to hold
  • Classic mechanical music box is hidden inside for soothing melodies
  • Soft rounded shapes add a cute and decorative touch to any nursery
  • Each friend plays a different melody, encouraging collection of the whole set:
    • Achille the Crocodile plays "For Elise"
    • Gina the Giraffe plays "Hush little baby"
    • Jackson the Lion plays "Moonlight Sonata"
    • Robert the Zebra plays Bach's "Minuet No. 1"
    • Tim the Tiger plays "Talk to the Animals"
    • Vincent the Elephant plays Brahms' famous "Lullaby"

Recommended Age: 0+m

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