MAM Feeding Spoons & Cover

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The MAM Feeding Spoons are perfect for introducing your baby to solid foods. The innovative, heat sensitive spoons, change colour if the food is too hot, ensuring your little one's safety during feeding. Plus, the compact cover provides hygienic storage for the spoons, making them convenient for on-the-go feeding.

Product Features:

  • Heat Sensitive - Colour changing cutlery shows if food is too hot
  • Different Lengths - One for parent and baby to use together, the other for just baby
  • Compact Cover - Spoon cover with a compartment for both items
  • Non-Slip Surface - Secure and comfortable handles
  • Contains: 1x long MAM Heat Sensitive Feeding Spoon, 1x short MAM Heat Sensitive Feeding Spoon and 1x MAM Cover

Recommended Age: 6+m

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