Purflo Starter Kit Bundle - Minimal Grey

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The Purflo Sleep Starter Bundle in Minimal Grey is ideal for ensuring your little one stays cosy, safe, and comfortable as they drift off to sleep. It includes the acclaimed Sleep Tight Baby Bed, The Swaddle To Sleep Bag rated at 0.5 TOG, and the Starlight Colour-Changing Room Thermometer.

Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed: Featuring sturdy sides to prevent accidental rolling, our Sleep Tight Baby Bed ensures your baby stays safe while remaining irresistibly soft to the touch. With a sustainably sourced Dupont filling and innovative breathable design, it offers a healthy and secure sleeping environment around the clock.

Complete with a firm flat base for uninterrupted overnight sleep, every component of our bed is fully washable, including the easily removable base for hassle-free cleaning.

Portable and convenient with its luxury travel bag, the Sleep Tight Baby Bed is an essential companion for any tired new parent – whether at home or on the go, day or night.

Purflo Swaddle To Sleep Bag: In hot weather, dressing your baby for bedtime can be confusing, but Purflo’s 0.5 tog swaddle to sleep bag simplifies this with its lightweight design and large breathable mesh panels. These panels not only allow air to flow freely around your baby but also provide the comforting feeling of swaddling.

This sleep bag is perfect for room temperatures between 18°C to 27°C and includes a handy "what to wear" guide, making it easier for you to dress your baby appropriately for a comfortable night's sleep.

Purflo Starlight Colour-Changing Room Thermometer: ensures your baby's room maintains a safe temperature at all times. Portable and convenient, it can accompany your baby wherever they go! With colours changing from blue for "too cold," green for "just right," amber for "getting too warm," and red for "too hot," you can easily monitor the room's temperature at a glance. Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, there are no dangerous wires to worry about, providing peace of mind for you and safety for your little one.

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