Car seats, in general, are used to best ensure the safety of your little one in vehicles. They do this very well. Without them, taking infants on scenic trips or seeing family would be much more difficult. Not least because they are a legal requirement. Having your baby on your lap or otherwise is also extremely dangerous. Babies have very fragile bodies that are developing.

But, car seats can only do their job if we as parents, aka part-time car seat fitters, do our job. If a car seat is not fitted correctly, it can be just as dangerous as not having one. As a car seat base forms part of this, it is also extremely important.

Infant car seats with bases make it easy to install and remove a car seat when you are out and about. Car seat bases come in two different types: belted, using the car’s internal seat belt to fix the seat or Isofix. In this article we will discuss the correct fitting of a belted baby car seat base. Helping to secure your peace of mind and the maximum safety of your child.

Step 1.

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.  Each infant car seat will be different so refer to the manual before using your seat.

Step 2.

For safety the baby car seat base will need to be installed on the vehicle’s back seat. Newborn babies should sit at an angle of 40-45 degree angle when sitting on the seat properly. If it is available, you should use the car seat’s angle indicator.

Step 3.

To secure the baby car seat base to the vehicle, you will have to use the car seat belts. Modern seats come with a ‘path’ to thread the seatbelt through.

Step 4.

The next step is locking the seat belt. You do this by pulling the belt all the way out. When it is all out, allow it to retract, and you will hear it when it is retracting back.

Step 5.

Tightening the seat belt will require you to place one hand on the baby car seat base while holding the shoulder strap of the belt with your other hand.

Pull the seat belt simultaneously while you are pushing down on the baby car seat base as this will tightly secure the base so that it does not move out of place.

Step 6.

Check the baby case base for slack. It should move more than an inch at the seatbelt path when you wiggle it. Also, remember to double-check the angle. If you require help adjusting the angle look at getting a leveller.

Step 7.

The final step is installing the seat into the baby car seat base.  They usually click into place (read the instructions).

We hope our step-by-step process has helped you safely install your car seat base. If you would like more information on car seat safety generally, check out our Car Seat Safety Guide. 

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February 28, 2022 — Daniel Berko