For many new parents, swaddling is how the hospital nurses snuggly wrap infants. It is a recommended practice as it makes sleeping easier because swaddling reminds the infants of their mother’s womb, providing comfort during stressful times. Swaddling also helps babies to remain asleep while changing them and to learn the differences between day and night. With such great benefits for babies, you would expect more parents to swaddle their children. However, many are worried about how safe the practice is. To learn more about swaddling and how secure it is, read the tips we have compiled just for you:

A bit of essential advice for a parent with a newborn baby, when it comes to putting them to sleep, is always to ensure the baby is lying on a flat surface on their backs. Such advice reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, especially when they are swaddled. It is because there is a risk of accidental suffocation when swaddled babies are placed on their stomach to sleep or roll onto their stomach.

For most parents who opt for swaddling, they do so until their babies are about two to three months old. Any older and the baby will start to roll intentionally, which will defeat the purpose of the swaddle, of keeping them peaceful and comfortable.

While swaddling is amazing for newborn babies, parents may find it harder to rouse them from their sleep as it is more comfortable. The baby may sleep longer and will not wake up quickly because there is less movement of the arms. However, it is important to stress that babies should not be swaddled too tightly, especially their legs because it will affect their hips further in life.

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February 28, 2022 — Daniel Berko