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Avent is here to help give your babies the best start in life with their reinvented teat and bottles. As new parents in 1984, Edward and Celia Atkin found it difficult to feed their baby from a bottle. The teats were too long, hard and thin and the narrow bottles were difficult to fill and easy to knock over. The AVENT bottle that millions of parents around the world know and trust was born!

Avent bottles are available in a variety of forms, Natural, Anti Colic and classic.

Avent Natural Bottles - Natural bottle teats have a wide breast shape which helps promote a natural latch-on similar to the breast. This will make it easier for your baby to combine breast and bottle feeding.

Avent Anti Colic Bottles - Anti Colic bottles have an AirFree vent which is designed to help your baby swallow less air. The teat stays full of milk, even when horizontal, for upright feeding. Reducing the air a baby ingests can help ease common feeding issues like colic, gas and reflux.

Avent Classic Bottles - Classic bottles help your baby to control milk, similarly to when being breastfed, thanks to the two piece anti-colic system. The clinically proven Classic+ two-piece anti-colic system is integrated into the teat. The advanced valve on the teat opens to allow air into the bottle instead of into the baby's tummy, preventing colic. Classic teats are available in 4 different flows. Newborn Flow 0+, Slow Flow 1M+, Medium Flow 3M+ and Fast Flow 6M+.

5 Bottle Starter Packs are also available. Choose from anti-colic and natural bottles. These include a variety of different sized bottles to help ensure the appropriate amount of milk is offered for your baby's growing tummy.

Other products on offer include the Avent Microwave Steriliser, Avent Bottle Warmer, Avent Manual Breast Pump and Avent Breast Pads.