BICKIEPEGS HEALTHCARE is an expert in the oral care of infants aged 3 months to 2+ years and is the home of the brands Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits and the unique slanted training cup – The Doidy Cup. We are proud that both Bickiepegs and Doidy are produced in the United Kingdom.

BICKIEPEGS was founded in 1925 when Harley Street Paediatrician Dr. Harry Campbell MD FRCP began studies into the development of the jaw & teeth spacing in young children. His research concluded it was important to encourage healthy teeth to grow even before they are visible, by exercising babies’ jaws and ultimately helping to ease the pain of teething. The Bickiepegs Teething Biscuit was born and is still made today to the original ‘100% natural’ recipe in our dedicated bakery in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.