BabyDan ELSA Beechwood Wall Mounted Safety Gate

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The BabyDan ELSA Beechwood Wall Mounted Safety Gate is securely installed using screws in either the wall or door frame. Its childproof release fitting function allows for easy removal and remounting as needed, ensuring convenient usage and flexibility.

Product Features:

  • No Trip Bar: Designed with a bottom bar that sits flush with the floor, minimising tripping hazards when walking through the gate.
  • One-Hand Operation: Features a mechanism for easy one-handed opening and closing, convenient for adults carrying a child or other items.
  • Childproof Locking System: Equipped with a childproof locking system to prevent young children from opening the gate independently, enhancing safety.
  • Adjustable Width: Adjustable in width to fit various doorways or staircases, offering versatility in installation by extending or retracting to accommodate different openings.

Dimensions: L: 78.5cm x W: 3cm x H: 71.5cm 

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