Clippasafe Extendable Gate Dual Fix Wooden Gate 68 - 102cm

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The Clippasafe Extendable Dual Fix Wooden Gate is designed for versatility and ease of use, fitting a range of openings from 68cm to 102cm with a height of 72.5cm from the floor.

Product Features:

  • Extendable Width: Adjusts to fit openings from 68cm to 102cm, making it suitable for various doorways and spaces.
  • Height: Stands 72.5cm tall.
  • No Trip Design: The gate's design ensures there's nothing to step over when it is open, reducing the risk of tripping.
  • Dual Fitting Options:
    • Permanent Wall Mount: Can be mounted using hinges and wall cups for a fixed installation.
    • Pressure Fit: Can be pressure fitted between wall cups for both permanent and temporary use.
  • Easy Assembly: Simple to construct and install.
  • Quick Removal and Reinstallation: The gate can be removed and refitted within seconds without the need for tools.
  • Two-Way Opening: Can open in both directions for added convenience.
  • Natural Wood: Made from sustainable sources, adding an eco-friendly aspect.
  • Safety Compliance: Meets the EN 1930:2011 safety standard, ensuring it is safe for use around children.

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