Clippasafe Extendable No-Trip Gate

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The Clippasafe Extendable No-Trip Gate extends to fit openings from 60cm to 107cm, with a height of 72cm from the floor. It features a simple-to-assemble construction and utilizes a secure, releasable wall-mounted hinge and catch mechanism. This allows the gate to be removed and refitted quickly without the need for tools.

Operable with one hand, it includes a double action thumb catch and lift opening mechanism. There's also an option to restrict the gate's opening direction, which is especially beneficial when installing it at the top of stairs for added safety.

Product Features:

  • Extends from 60cm to 107cm; height from floor is 72cm.
  • Simple assembly; no tools required for installation.
  • Secure wall-mounted hinge and catch mechanism.
  • One-handed operation with double action thumb catch and lift opening.
  • Option to restrict opening direction, ideal for stairtop installation.

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