Clippasafe Sliding Door & Window Blocks Pack of Two

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The great outdoors offers exciting adventures for small children, full of exploration and discovery. However, parents often hesitate to let their youngsters venture outside due to potential dangers like garden tools, weed killers, and busy roads.

The Clippasafe Sliding Door and Window Blocks ensure children can play safely indoors while still enjoying fresh air and natural light. Easily fitted to any sliding window or patio door, they restrict the opening, giving you peace of mind that your child can't access unsafe areas while you go about your work.

Product Features:

  • Keeps children safe: Prevents access to dangerous outdoor areas.
  • Fresh air and daylight: Allows indoor play with outdoor benefits.
  • Easy installation: Fits any sliding window or patio door.
  • Peace of mind: Lets parents work knowing children are secure.

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