Lamaze Rusty The Robot

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Meet Lamaze's Rusty the Robot, double the fun for baby with two happy, colorful faces to discover. Baby will love their two robot friends in one, clicking and twisting Rusty’s head around for cause and effect play. Rusty has lovely textures and patterns to encourage touch and exploration. Use the peekaboo mirror for facial recognition fun, and let baby explore the busy beads and textured rings that rattle together, providing a multi-sensory experience. Babies from birth will delight in Rusty’s knotted ears, perfect for little fingers to discover. Keep Rusty the Robot close with the easy on-the-go clip, ensuring this engaging companion is always within reach.

Product Features:

  • Click and twist Rusty’s head for mix and match fun
  • Lots of textures to encourage touch
  • Babies from birth will love Rusty’s bright colours, perfect for capturing attention
  • Busy beads, chewy rings and ribbons for baby to explore
  • Easy clip for on the go fun

Recommended Age: Suitable from birth

Dimensions: 10cm x 6cm x 22cm

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