Little Big Friends Soft Activity Book 2 in 1 Jungle

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The Little Big Friends Soft Activity Book 2 in 1 is designed to develop hand-eye coordination and support fine motor skills. It features fun and engaging surprises that stimulate baby's senses, including contrast colors and materials for visual and sensory development. You can easily attach it to the crib, and it comes with a teething ring to soothe baby's gums. Plus, the mirror adds an element of amusement and encourages self-awareness.

Product Features:

  • Large and soft book with two sides for different developmental stages
  • First side features contrasting colors for infants' visual stimulation
  • Second side includes fun surprises and interactive games for older babies
  • Easily attachable to the crib for convenient playtime
  • Includes a teething ring to soothe baby's gums and promote oral exploration
  • Mirror on the book promotes self-awareness and curiosity

Recommended Age: 0+m

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