MAM Oral Care Massaging Brush With Safety Shield

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The innovative MAM Massaging Brush serves a dual purpose, making it versatile and effective. Firstly, it is designed for gum and teeth massage, providing gentle stimulation to soothe and massage your baby's gums during teething. This can help alleviate discomfort and promote healthy oral development.

Secondly, the Massaging Brush is also ideal for cleaning your baby's first teeth. Its soft bristles are gentle on delicate teeth and gums, ensuring thorough cleaning without causing any irritation. This makes it a convenient and practical tool for maintaining your baby's oral hygiene from the early stages of teething and tooth development.

Product Features:

  • Soft bristles at the front
  • Different massaging structures on the sides & back of the brush head
  • The brush head is rounded with soft material and gentle to baby‘s gums, lips and cheeks
  • Ergonomic shape – easy to hold
  • Developed with medical experts

Recommended Age: 3+m

* Design may vary to image shown

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