Vtech Audio Monitor With Night Light DM1211

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The Vtech Audio Monitor with Night Light DM1211 is a comprehensive solution designed to provide parents with peace of mind through secure and clear communication with their baby. Utilizing advanced DECT technology, this monitor ensures a secure connection and crystal-clear sound, free from any interference, so you can hear every sound your baby makes with perfect clarity.

 Product Features: 

  • DECT Technology: For a secure connection and interference-free sound.
  • Backlit Display: Easily readable in low-light conditions.
  • Out of Range Alert: Notifies you if you move beyond the monitor's effective range.
  • Extended Range: Up to 75 meters indoors and up to 460 meters outdoors.
  • Two-Way/Talk Back Intercom: Allows you to communicate with your baby from another room.
  • Soothing Night Light: Provides a gentle glow to comfort your baby.
  • 5 Calming Melodies: Plays soothing tunes to help lull your baby to sleep.
  • Temperature Sensor: Monitors the room temperature to ensure your baby is comfortable.

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