Cleaning instructions

Your child’s beloved soft toys and dolls are their best friend, and we need to take care of them just like they are a part of the family. The most essential thing to do is to routinely clean the toys from surface dust. A soft-bristled brush or vacuum upholstery tool should help to keep the cuddly companions clean.

However, soft toys should also be washed every once in a while. Washing will help in cleaning visible dirt and further sanitise the toys. Most stuffed animals can easily be machine washed without issue, however, older or well-loved toys must be hand-washed. Make sure to look for the washing instructions by checking the care tag to decide which washing technique is the best option.

Machine washing soft toys

If your soft toys are machine washable and still in a great condition, follow these quick steps for machine washing:   

1. Place the soft toys in a mesh laundry bag (or a zippered pillowcase).  

2. Wash the soft toys using the delicate cycle, cold water, and gentle soap.  

3. To air dry soft toys, roll them in a thick towel to remove moisture. Then, hang the toys using a clothes peg or lay them flat to dry. Machine drying is not preferred as its heat can burn the fur on the toys.

Hand-washing soft toys

If your soft toys are not machine washable, older, or in a delicate condition, do not worry! Hand-washing the toys is also easy to do - and you can invite your toddlers to join you as a sensory activity. Simply follow these steps:  

1. Fill a bucket (or a sink) with water, and add gentle soap.  

2. Place the toys in the water and gently pump the toy to clean it. Do not scrub the toy forcefully as excessive handling may result in damage.   

3. Drain the bucket or sink, and press the toy several times to push out as much as much water as you can.  

4. After emptying the bucket or sink, carefully squeeze the toy several times to push out as much water as possible. Roll them in a thick towel, then air dry by hanging them using a clothes peg (or lay flat to dry).

Cleaning soft toys with electronic components

If you have soft toys that include electronic or musical components, they cannot be soaked into water. The most suitable method to wash the toys is by spot treating, which cleans the toy’s surface. You can wash a targeted surface by wiping it with a damp cloth and a mild soap. Hand soap is recommended to use as it is less thick than regular soap, making it easier to remove and less likely to get on the electronic parts. Now that you know how to easily clean your child's soft toys, check out our wide range of soft toys and dolls .

October 05, 2022 — Sam Riches