Pretend Play

When you think of pretend play, you might picture your toddler engaging in activities like cooking meals as a chef, sailing the sea as a pirate, or even saving the world as a superhero. But pretend play is more than just a lot of fun for your toddler, it is also essential for their development and should be encouraged. Your toddlers benefit greatly from the imaginative activities in pretend play, such as boosts in social and emotional skills, problem-solving, and creativity.

What is Pretend Play?

Pretend play is simply a type of play that lets your toddler experiment with different roles, or role-playing. It is when your toddler engages with make-believe activities, dresses up, and acts like their favourite characters. Pretend play is a form of an open-ended activity, so as long as your child is encouraged to use their imagination freely, there is no restriction on what may be considered as pretend play. Pretend play is also known as make-believe play, imaginative play, creative play, or fantasy play.

The Benefits of Pretend Play

1. Develops social and emotional skills 

Through pretend play, your toddler develops the abilities of cooperation, sharing, and empathy. Toddlers act out scenarios and collaborate with others to create a game that is enjoyable for everyone. As they continue and add new aspects into their play, they learn how to involve others and make new friendships. They may also learn to manage their emotions through pretend play.

2. Fosters problem solving skills

Pretend play helps your toddler learn and develop their problem-solving skills in innovative ways. They learn how to resolve a problem as it arises, whether it be a real problem or a part of their pretend scenario.

3. Nurtures creativity

It is fascinating to see the magic of children's imagination; they can be anybody and be anywhere through pretend play. They develop their creative skills as they make up scenarios of new adventures, dialogue, and action sequences in pretend play.

Ideas to Encourage Pretend Play

1. Offer costumes

Astronaut, firefighter, princess, there are so many characters that your toddler can be! Offer some costumes and let them fully express their imagination. You can invite them to reuse some old clothes or you can find many available costumes online.

2. Use props

Toddlers love imitating adults’ everyday routine and activities related to their jobs. Set out pretend cooking utensils and ingredients for your toddler to play with while they pretend to be a future chef, or pretend beauty tools for them to practice as a future beauty stylist!

3. Invent new scenarios

As imagination is highly encouraged, invite them to improvise new scenarios! From having a tea party with soft toys, putting on puppet talent shows, indoor olympics, and saving the city as a superhero, allow them to direct the story as you go!

Pretend play is definitely a fun activity to boost your toddler’s creativity and intelligence. They learn and have fun as you see them reach new milestones. Check out our range of pretend play toys. We are here to help you make the most of your toddler’s wonderful early years!

October 17, 2022 — Sam Riches