About Casdon

Casdon are a family-run toymaker committed to bringing smiles to the faces of generations of children! The company’s motto has always been high-quality goods at reasonable prices. With some of the most distinguished domestic appliance products on the market. Casdon has an unmatched reputation as a maker of toy reproductions and has been known for toy inventions for over 75 years. They recognise that role-play toys need to be fun, but they also have a role in influencing how children discover, learn and develop. 

Le Toy Van Petilou Activity Table
Casdon Henry Vacuum Cleaner

The Casdon Henry Vacuum Cleaner is a replica of the historic Henry Hoover vacuum cleaner, which was once used to clean offices all throughout the country. This vacuum has usable suction and a dust canister that can be emptied. Similar to a real Henry, this vacuum has a cable and plug that can be reeled in. This Casdon offering will teach your child valuable life lessons while having fun. 

Casdon Shopping Basket With Food
Casdon Shopping Basket With Food

Casdon Shopping Basket with food is a must-have for any pretend store. This kid-sized plastic basket contains play food in the form of packs, tins and fresh food. There are several brands available, including Tetley, Findus, Birds Eye, and Mr. Kipling. Playing roles is a fun method to pick up some important life skills. Why not pair this shopping basket with other Casdon retail items like the shopping cart and checkout register for the supermarkets? 

Casdon Dyson Cyclone Action Vacuum Cleaner
Casdon Dyson Cyclone Action Vacuum Cleaner

The Casdon Dyson Cyclone Action Vacuum Cleaner is a lifelike replica of Dyson’s very popular DC22 vacuum cleaner. Both a functioning suction system and a mock cyclone with whirling coloured balls are included in this vacuum. 

Casdon Sat Nav Steering Wheel

The Casdon Sat Nav Steering Wheel is a toy Sat Nav that communicates realistically with the steering wheel. The child will be asked to follow instructions like "turn right" and "hurry up." The Sat Nav will provide feedback based on the child's actions, either positively or negatively. The horn, engine, gear switch, and brake noises, together with flashing lights and indicators, are all located on the steering wheel.

Casdon Dyson Cord-free Vacuum

Your tiny helper will actually feel like a part of your world while learning crucial life skills thanks to the thorough development of the Casdon Dyson Cord-free Vacuum to be as lifelike as possible. The Dyson Cordless vacuum is a functional toy with a cyclone and suction. Attachments for cleaning tools with long handles or short nozzles that can be quickly removed with one hand are available. Identical to the genuine one but scaled to fit small assistants' hands.

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