Baby Banz Bubzee Infant Hearing Protection Earmuffs 0-2 years

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The Banz® Infant Hearing Protection Earmuffs are designed to effectively reduce harmful loud noises while allowing other ambient sounds to be heard. These earmuffs are easy to wear, featuring a low profile and no protruding parts that could snag on objects. The wide, foam-filled cushions ensure a comfortable fit without squeezing too tightly, and there is ample space inside the shells for the ears. Additionally, the headband is covered in a soft, leather-like material for overall comfort. Each earmuff weighs just 132 grams, contributing to a lightweight and comfortable experience.

Age: 0-2 years

Product Features; 

  • Over-ear design
  • Provides hearing protection from loud noises
  • Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand for easy storage/carry
  • Soft head band and cushion cups ensure comfort for little ones
  • Recommended for up to 3 years
  • Safety Tested to BSEN standard and EU Regulation 2016/42
  • Be sure cups fully and snugly cover child’s ears

Dimensions; 15.24 cm W 15.24cm H (at smallest) 17.8cm W 15.24 cm H (at max opening)

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