Dr Brown's Options 270ml Bottle - 4pk

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Dr Brown's Options 270ml Bottle - pk is the first bottle with a vent system that may be used with or without it. Dr Brown's Options line evolves with your baby's requirements and provides healthful advantages whether or not your little one is having feeding difficulties; Options gives you the power of choice.

Dr Brown's Options Anti-Colic Bottle is a simple and pleasant way to feed your children, responding to their changing needs. This bottle's unusual design allows it to be used with or without the replaceable internal patented vent system, allowing it to be converted into a teat-vented bottle for added convenience. Don't wait until your baby gets colic to start using Dr Brown's Options bottles.

The innovative internal green vent system continues to provide 100% vacuum-free feeding, which has been clinically proved to minimise wind-related colic. This is why Dr Brown is recommended by 9 out of 10 healthcare professionals for the alleviation of wind-related colic.

As your baby's feeding skills improve, you can remove the green vent system and use the bottle as a regular teat-vented bottle. When the green vent system is not utilised, or when the baby's feeding is developed, or when parents simply desire the convenience of a teat vented bottle, the new Dr Brown's scalloped designed teat allows air to escape through the bottle.

The whole feeding system evolves with the infant and aids in the relief of windy colic symptoms. Prevention is preferable to cure!

It includes:

Teat level 1

Brush for cleaning the vents

Key Features:

  • Bottle with anti-colic properties
  • Can be used without or with a vent system
  • It's a simple and pleasant method to feed your baby, plus its BPA-free.
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