Lamaze Fun with Colours Soft Book

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The Lamaze Fun with Colors Soft Book is a wonderful first book for your baby. During storytime, this charming soft book allows you to discuss colours with your baby. With a discovery mirror and vivid colours for the baby to explore, the interactive soft pages give visual stimulation. Baby will be entertained by the squeaker, rattle, and crinkle sounds as they discover something new on each page. Hidden surprises are revealed by lifting crinkly flaps. Tactile and fine motor skills are developed by gripping and holding the soft fabric pages and playing with the various textures. Baby can explore with his mouth as well as his hand's thanks to the textured corners, which were developed with chewing in mind. This discovery book may be taken on the move thanks to Lamaze's unique on-the-go clip. The clip attaches to strollers, carriers, and diaper bags without difficulty. Lamaze soft books are full of fascinating information designed to make learning, discovering, and growing fun for babies and toddlers.

Key Features:

  • Simple colours can be taught with the help of a fabric baby book
  • Soft pages that are interactive are included
  • Visual stimulation is provided via a discovery mirror and brilliant colours
  • The use of a squeaker, rattle, and crinkle helps to improve a baby's sense of sound
  • There are also flaps and concealed surprises
  • This discovery book can be taken anywhere thanks to the on-the-go clip
  • Strollers, carriers, and diaper bags can become addicting
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