Lamaze Musical Inchworm

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Your baby's new companion, the Lamaze Musical Inchworm, is soft to snuggle and has a friendly face. Your child will enjoy exploring all of the different sections, which are brightly coloured to stimulate focus. Use the markings on Inchworm's body to keep track of the baby's growth. To get the baby's attention, gently shake the Inchworm to hear mild jingle noises. Press his nose to hear Musical Inchworm sing a tune, which is great for cause and effect play for babies. As the infant crinkles and squeezes the different portions, the knotty legs and different textures will promote touch. Lamaze encourages parents and babies to spend quality time together while also promoting independent daily discoveries.

Product Features:

  • Soft and snuggly, with plenty of vivid colours to help the baby concentrate
  • There are a variety of textures to urge the baby to touch them
  • Listen to Inchworm's unique music, which is ideal for attracting a baby's attention
  • The jingle sounds of Inchworm will entertain babies from birth, encouraging cause and effect play

Recommended Age: 0m+

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