Lansinoh Discreet & Absorbent Maternity Pads: 2+ weeks post-birth 12 Pack

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Lansinoh's Discreet & Absobent Maternity Pads are designed to be used starting from week 2 post-partum, when post-birth bleeding begins to decrease, and you resume more active routines.

Crafted from soft, breathable, and dermatologically tested materials, our slim Maternity Pads offer excellent absorption without compromising on comfort. Specifically tailored for post-partum bleeding (lochia), they provide the necessary level of protection, which is different from that of standard sanitary or bladder control pads.

Product Features:

  • Designed for comfort and discretion, as well as protection
  • Advanced liquid core ensures protection
  • Adhesive back and wings to keep in place securely
  • Soft and breathable, designed for tender skin
  • Naturally contoured for a comfortable fit post childbirth
  • Fragrance free

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