Lansinoh Natural Wave Flow Teats x 2 - Medium

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Two exceptionally soft and flexible 100 per cent silicone fast flow teats are included in the Lansinoh Natural Wave Flow Teats x 2 - Medium. Lansinoh teats are intended for simple latching and good suction, encouraging the baby's wave-like tongue movement and encouraging instinctive sucking for natural oral growth. The AVSTM Air Ventilation System helps your baby eat comfortably by reducing air intake, which can cause colic. Lansinoh teats have been clinically demonstrated to assist in the maintenance of established nursing habits.

Key Features:

  • Teats are super soft and flexible, made entirely of silicone, and have a medium flow rate
  • Encourages a wave-like tongue movement in the newborn, which aids in normal oral development
  • To prevent colic, the AVS Air Ventilation System lowers air intake
  • BPA and BPS Free Compatibility Across the Board
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