Munchkin Shhh... Portable Sound Machine

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The Munchkin Shhh... Portable Sound Machine was created with science in mind to offer parents a rest. Surprisingly, babies do not require silence in order to sleep. A woman's womb is a noisy area, but it is soothing to babies. When dealing with an irritable or colicky baby, making a loud, steady noise might help them relax fast, especially if the noise is louder than their own crying. The Shhh... was created with science in mind to offer parents a break. It uses three distinct sounds to soothe an angry baby (shushing noise), lull them into a serene condition (heartbeat noise), and finally keep them sleeping (heartbeat noise) (white noise). This portable, battery-powered device is a lifesaver when the infant is away from home but wants to rest. It also has a clock and a nightlight that can pulse in synchronisation with the noise. Hopefully, this soother will prevent a few parents from doing laundry or driving in the middle of the night to keep their sanity!

Key Features:

  • Three separate sounds are included: shushing, heartbeat, and white noise
  • The timer will turn the unit off
  • A soft night light can either glow continuously or pulse
  • Battery-operated, portable, and ideal for use on the go
  • (2) AA batteries are required and are included

Recommended Age: 0m+

Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 10.5cm

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