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The Pourty Potty Eco is true to the original easy pour design and is manufactured from recycled food packaging. It can be recycled with household plastics at the end of its life along with its labels so there is no need for landfill. It is made in the UK so less fuel is required to transport it to your home. Eco Pourty is sustainable and environmentally friendly and at the same time, strong, simple to use and comfortable.

Product Features:

  • True to Original Design: Maintains the easy pour design of the original Pourty Potty, making it simple to empty and clean.
  • Recycled Materials: Manufactured from recycled food packaging, contributing to reduced waste and resource reuse.
  • Fully Recyclable: Can be recycled with household plastics at the end of its life, including its labels, ensuring no need for landfill disposal.
  • Local Production: Made in the UK, which reduces the fuel required for transportation, minimizing its carbon footprint.
  • Sustainability: Emphasizes sustainability and environmental friendliness through its use of recycled materials and recyclability.
  • Practicality: Despite its eco-friendly credentials, it remains strong, simple to use, and comfortable for children.

Product Dimensions: 30.48 x 24.13 x 16.51cm

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