Tommee Tippee GroClock Sleep Trainer USB

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The Tommee Tippee GroClock Sleep Trainer is a helpful tool for children too young to read a traditional clock. Using colors and pictures, it helps them understand when it's time to sleep and when it's time to wake up and play.

Simply set the desired wake-up time, and the Groclock displays the passing of time using colors and symbols. At bedtime, a sleepy Ollie the Owl surrounded by hearts and stars appears on the blue clock face. As the pre-set wake-up time approaches, the stars gradually disappear until only hearts remain, and Ollie appears awake on a yellow background.

With two time setting options, you can customize wake-up times for weekdays, weekends, or naptime.

Adjustable brightness settings allow you to dim or turn off the light completely. As your child grows, the Groclock can be used as a comforting nightlight or for nighttime toilet trips.

Parents can also opt for an audible alarm for routine wake-up times. Additionally, a digital clock feature is available for when your child begins learning digital time.

Powered by a 3.5mm USB charger, the Groclock eliminates the need for batteries (adapter plug not included, but compatible with most USB plugs used for phone chargers).

Product Features:

  • USB mains powered
  • 3 time settings and optional audible alarm
  • Adjustable brightness

Recommended Age: 24+m

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